success stories


Jane was homeless and living in her car in the City of Huntington Beach.  When her car broke down, the City’s Homeless Task Force provided car repair services and housing navigation support.  Now, Jane is back on her feet and permanently housed in an apartment in Huntington Beach, thanks to the City’s ongoing services for the homeless.


Jerry was unhoused in Huntington Beach until he was connected to the Navigation Center by a Huntington Beach Case Manager. Jerry was able to take advantage of the many services offered at the Navigation Center to get back on his feet and secure housing.


After spending years homeless on our City’s beach, Michael worked with our Homeless Task Force to secure housing for himself and his loyal companion, Shogun.  Hear from Michael on the steps he took to overcome homelessness in Huntington Beach and how our City’s Homeless System of Care led him to safe and stable housing. Michael now prioritizes helping others who are homeless in Huntington Beach.


After losing his housing in Huntington Beach, Don became homeless in Huntington Beach and lived in his car until he was able to connect with City services to find housing.  After working with the Homeless Task Force, Don was able to find employment and acquire a housing voucher.

October 2022, FEMale Participant

A female participant became homeless during 2012 due to a chronic health issue and was fleeing from an abusive relationship.  During her stay at the Navigation Center, she utilized a number of supportive services to help obtain official documents and connect to medical resources to address a life-threatening illness.   She is now recovering and was recently placed into a transitional supportive housing unit where she will continue her housing journey.

October 2022, FEMale Participant

A female participant experienced homelessness for 5 years before connecting with the City’s Homeless Task Force.   She had been struggling with behavioral health issues for many years.  The staff at the Navigation Center helped her connect with Be Well OC in Huntington Beach and other medical resources for mental health.   She worked with housing staff to obtain her vital documents and has moved into a transitional housing program.

October 2022, Male Participant

A male participant experienced homelessness on and off since 2014.   While living on the street, he had serious physical and mental health struggles.   During his time at the Navigation Center, he received help with getting his vital documents and worked with a housing navigator to find resources.   He also connected to supportive services to address his health challenges.  He was recently matched to a supportive transitional housing unit and moved in.

October 2022, Male Participant

A male participant experiencing addiction disorder was homeless for 4 years before being connected with the HB Navigation Center.   Due to his drug addiction, he lost everything including connection to his family.   He faced many barriers after an accident that left him with physical, financial, and mental health challenges.  During his stay at the Navigation Center, he reached back out to his family and is connected to addiction treatment services.   This participant has been transitioned to a transitional housing program and is hopeful about his future. 

October 2022, Male Participant

A male participant whom had experienced homelessness since 2010 came to the HB Navigation Center with serious chronic health conditions.   When he was referred to the Navigation Center through the City’s Homeless Task Force, he immediately started working with the housing staff to organize a plan.  His hard work to organize himself paid off when he was matched to an Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) within just one month of entering the Navigation Center.  The participant also utilized the mobile health clinic to help get medical assistance.  He is now living in a housing unit and is linked to physical health services to address his chronic conditions.   

October 2022, FEMale Participant

A female participant became homeless in January of 2020 and was connected to the HB Navigation Center through the City’s Homeless Task Force.   When she arrived at the HB Navigation Center, she worked hard with the housing staff to get her paperwork and documents organized.  With this assistance, she was matched to an Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) and moved in to her unit using the housing voucher.  In addition to housing, this participant was linked to employment services and was able to get a job.   She is planning to go back to school for nursing in the future.

October 2022, Senior Male Participant

This senior male participant was homeless in Orange County since 2018 before connecting with the HBPD Homeless Task Force and then being referred to the HB Navigation Center.   This participant has struggled with chronic physical and mental health challenges.   The housing navigation staff helped link him through the County’s Coordinated Entry System (CES)  to a permanent supportive housing certificate.   The process after getting this certificate was lengthy as this participant needed a specific housing solution with supportive services included.  After several months, a unit was found and all details needed to secure the living arrangement was completed. In addition to the housing, more connections were made to help locate funding for furniture.   The participant is now housed and connected to supportive services that will help him stay housed and connected to services.  

September 2022, Male VeteraN Participant

An adult male veteran experiencing homelessness was a guest at the Navigation Center struggling with mental health issues.  Through assistance from the Navigation Center, he was matched to an emergency housing voucher and began to search for a unit.  During his stay at the Navigation Center, he utilized the shuttle service for medical appointments, he received support to obtain vital documents, and housing navigation.   He was matched to an interim housing program and moved in over the last month.  


An adult male with a disability was homeless for 2 years before coming to the Navigation Center.  The Navigation Center assisted him with his SSDI process and provided shuttle services to appointments related to his condition.  The barriers he faced were driven by a physical disability that created barriers to independence.  He is now closer to receiving a necessary surgery for this condition and was matched into an interim housing program.    


An adult female experiencing homelessness for 6 years was referred to the Navigation Center to start the housing process.  She was struggling with physical and mental health challenges.  The Navigation Center housing staff helped her obtain vital documents that are required for housing placement.  She was matched to an interim housing program and has moved into the new housing opportunity.  


An adult female was homeless in Orange County for 4 years before connecting with the Huntington Beach Homeless Task Force to be linked to the Navigation Center.   She experiences chronic health conditions and mental health challenges.  Her stay at the Navigation Center gave her the chance to connect with many supportive services for medical and housing needs.   She worked with the Navigation Center housing staff to set housing goals and also received assistance to obtain important documents such as ID, Social Security Card, and enroll in a health insurance program.  She was matched to an emergency housing voucher and was able to find and move into a one bedroom apartment.  She is thankful for the Navigation Center team assisting her through this lengthy process.  


A homeless married couple was referred to the Navigation Center by the city’s Homeless Task Force, after experiencing homelessness for two years.   The loss of their housing in Huntington Beach stemmed from being evicted after losing employment due to challenges caused by a medical condition.   During their stay at the Navigation Center, Mercy House staff connected the couple to service providers that could help get them on their feet.   Both husband and wife are now working with a non-profit to stay connected with SSDI assistance.  They were matched to an emergency housing voucher and the Mercy House housing navigators worked tirelessly to help them find a unit.  On July 1st, they moved into their new home.


An adult male was homeless on the streets of Huntington Beach for 5 years before connecting with the Huntington Beach Homeless Taskforce and being referred into the Huntington Beach Navigation Center. Living with both chronic physical health conditions and mental health challenges, he was connected to supportive service providers for treatment. Working with Mercy House staff, he was able to obtain vital documents, and get matched through CES to a housing voucher.  He also connected to Chrysalis for employment and credit services. He moved into his own 1 bedroom apartment in early July.


A male adult was referred to the Navigation Center by the Homeless Task Force after experiencing 3 years of homelessness.   His cause of homelessness was related to medical issues.  Mercy House staff helped him obtain vital documents, income resources, medical resources, and notary services during his search for housing.   He was housed in a permanent supportive unit through an emergency housing voucher

May 2022, Female PARTICIPANT

“I became homeless after my divorce and arrest.   I spent 2 and half years homeless and faced mental health challenges and was missing vital documents.  Mercy House connected me to permanent supportive housing through an emergency housing voucher.  I was initially referred by the HBPD Homeless Task Force.” 


“I could no longer afford my apartment which led me to becoming homeless for 14 years because of a chronic health issue.   While at the navigation center, I was able to be connected  to resources for medical help and vital documents needed to obtain housing and services.” 


“The HBPD Homeless Task force referred me to the Navigation Center 3 weeks ago.   I have been homeless for two years due to personal complications in my life.  Mercy House has linked me to medical resources and assisted me in finding a room to rent” 

april 2022, Male participant

“I became homeless living on streets after turning 18 when I aged out of foster care.  The Huntington Beach Homeless Task Force encouraged me to go to the Navigation Center to find help.  After staying at the Huntington Beach Navigation Center, I was matched to a housing voucher.  Now, I have my own home for the first time.  I have been able to live peacefully and will be attending college this year while applying for jobs.   I discovered I love cooking and have a new sense of stability.”

april 2022, senior male PARTICIPANT

“My homelessness started after my wife died and the room I was renting for some years fell through.  Even though I was working as a security guard during my retirement, I could not afford to pay for rent on my own.   Being homeless since 2019, I stayed at many shelters but wasn’t able to get my housing figured out.   The Huntington Beach Navigation Center helped match me to an Emergency Housing Voucher.   I now have a place of my own that I can afford and feel secure again.”

march 2022, senior female PARTICIPANT

“I was homeless for three years after my husband passed and I was not able to stay on the property where I once lived.   The Navigation Center helped me get to my doctor appointments and helped match me to housing assistance.  I have my own home again after working with the Navigation Center staff.”

march 2022, male PARTICIPANT

“Mercy House helped to match me to the rapid rehousing program for rental assistance.  I am now working full time, going to school part time and workingn to rebuild my relationship with my family.  That extra support helped me find a new place to live that I can afford.”

march 2022, male PARTICIPANT

“I am a senior without any family in the area.  I became homeless in 2020 and the Homeless Task Force connected me to the Huntington Beach Navigation Center.  While receiving assistance to find housing, I was also connected with numerous supportive resources.  I was able to find housing through an Emergency Housing Voucher and now I have plans to join the Huntington Beach Senior Center.”